Lancaster High School BCIS/BCP/BCIS2

Today you will start your annual personal ExCel budgets. In your spreadsheet, you will list and border the following:

  • The month name merged across two columns
  • Column names "Item" and "Budgeted"
  • Housing
  • Car payment (if applicable)
  • Insurance
  • Gas
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Student Loan
  • Bills
  • Super Bowl
  • Holiday
  • Total
    (a skipped row or two)

  • Salary
  • Savings

You will be given a choice of four different cities in which to live and work:
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • New York, or
  • San Diego.
By checking the different links at the bottom as well as the table provided at your computers, you must budget per month for:
  1. a place to live
  2. transportation
    • car
      • payment
        • basic car = $220
        • nice car = $350
        • "whip/slab" = $600
      • insurance (see link below for average state rates link)
      • gas = $100
    • subway tokens/bus allowance of approx. $50
  3. food expenses
    • dine out 80% of the time = $600
    • dine out 50% of the time = $450
    • dine out 20% of the time = $300
  4. student loan payment dependent on education/job
  5. utility bills of approx. $350/mo
  6. Entertainment (completely up to you)
  7. Miscellaneous monthly expenses
    • Christmas presents in December
    • travel home OR Thanksgiving dinner in November
    • birthday party during your birthday month
    • Super Bowl party in January (if applicable)
    • Higher utility bills in the summer
    • Etc.

You will design an ExCel workbook that shows not only those above line items, but also accounts for changes in your personnel arrangements by using Autosum for the totals. After this document is complete, I will be supplying the changes that will need to be handled in your spreadsheet.

Your monthly salary will be determined by this survey which you have already completed.

You will produce a separate worksheet (NOT A SEPARATE SPREADSHEET) for each month of the year. Stay within your budget numbers.

Good Luck!
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San Diego Apartments

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Chance Cards are here.


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