Grafton High School Adventure in the Amazon!

Adventure in the Amazon!

I will update all dates for 2008 by the end of the summer!
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  • Why Peru?
    • The country is so rich in culture. The Spanish and Moorish influences are embedded in an indigenous way of life that still exists.
    • The students learn so much about the conquest and the history of the Incan people by seeing the artifacts and amazing monuments. We even visited the bones of Francisco Pizarro!
    • There is so much packed into the Peru tour and such a diverse itinerary. We go from the coast where it never rains, to the mountains of Cusco, to the Amazon jungle.
    • The cost of anything we need to buy is so much more affordable than in Europe.
    • It's great to take a break from the heat! It's winter in Peru during the month of June.
    • We see different stars in Peru.
    • Where else can you play with monkeys, kiss a tapir, hug a llama, and hunt for caimans?
  • Cost estimate: $2869, minus the discounts we get for enrolling before certain deadlines ($100-$400 discount). This includes all travel to the country and within the country (we take bus, train, plane, and boat all over Peru). It also includes lodging and two meals per day. The hotels and restaurants have all been of excellent quality.
  • Dates: We are aiming for a departure date of Saturday, June 24, 2007.
  • Other expenses to consider:
    • Vaccinations - yellow fever, typhoid, and anti-malaria pills.
    • tips - I will collect all of our tips, $30-$50, prior to travelling so that part is budgeted in advance.
    • air tax - because this part varies due to gas prices, it is paid when tickets are purchased rather than being included in the complete cost. It will be $100-$200.
    • Passport - if you do not already have one.
    • $25 per day spending money - this is more than enough needed for souvenirs, snacks, and any meals outside of what is provided.
  • Click here to view the itinerary.
  • Click here to see all of my pictures, some with links for more information.

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