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Anyone can go to a shop and find items designed by a child, but not by their own child.  Years ago American families took pride in creating homemade cards and gifts to send to loved ones and close friends.  In an age of mass produced everything and busy, busy times, moments for creative expression need to be recognized.  Original Works and Pattison Elementary are in the process of reproducing original artwork into a variety of full color products.

Watch closely for deadlines and updates about this special art project.

Second Graders!!!  Below is a link to the Museum of Fine Arts. Within this link you will find a detailed description of the Beck Building.  Because you are all such great Architects, try and point out some of the distinguishing characteristics of this building.


October 12-15 is Jump Rope for Heart Week, at Pattison.  The students have been working very hard on jump rope skills and are excited to show off their techniques.  Students who are participating in the fundraiser should return their money by Friday, October 15th. To read more about Jump Rope For Heart, go to the link below.

Check out the great link to the Houston Children's Chorus
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