pets Casey
 Hey everybody!  I'm just now getting this page started, so give me some time!  

   I'm 11 years old (almost 12) with blond hair, brown eyes, and braces.  I have three pets, two cats and one dog.  My cat, Shug, is striped and is soooooo rotten!  My other cat, Page, is black and is soooooo sweet!  My dog, Meggie,  is a fox hound/beagle.  She is CRAZY!!

 © This site is copyrighted.  Please do not copy anything from this page!  If you do, and I see it, I will ask you to erase it!!  Thanks!

My Friends:
~Ashley B.
~Sarah B.
~Sara W.
~Sarah L.
~Qi Ju (he went to China for the summer :-(  we all miss him)
~Justin M.
~David W.
~Josh S.
~and anybody I missed!!

My favorite movies are:
~Dirty Dancing                   I LOVE THOSE MOVIES!!

I don't have a favorite song!

My favorite food is:  Potatoes!!  I love potatoes cooked any way!  (Especially mashed!)
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