pfe201 Mrs. Keith
Pine Forest Elementary Second Grade Teacher,
Parents and Students,
I hope everyone had a relaxing Spring Break.  It was nice to get out of Kingwood for a while.  There are 12 weeks left in this school year.  The time has just zipped by.  The end of the year will be packed with lots of learning and exciting end of the year activities.
Daily Schedule:
7:45- 8:10  Morning jobs and journal writing
8:10- 9:10 Math
9:10-11:30  Reading, Spelling,Languge Arts, Handwriting
11:30 - 12:00 Lunch
12:00- 12:45  Recess, restroom, water
12:45- 1:45 Specials   pe, music or computer.  This is my
conference time and probably the best time to reach me at school. The school number is 281-641-2100 for the office.  My voice mail is 281-641-2130. I check my voice mail at 3:30 so if it is an emergency message please call the office number.
Please call if you have any questions or concerns.
1:45- 2:15 D.E.A.R. Time  
2:15-2:45 Science or Social Studies.  The second grade will have an afternoon reading time for some students during this time
Library is every Tuesday at 9:30
Homework: Homework stays the same for each week unless it is a
4 day school week.
Monday: Math work sheet
Tuesday:  Read for 20 minutes and bring in calendar
Wednesday:  Spelling assignment
Thursday: Handwriting

This week  in:
The students will measure with inches and centimeters, work to find perimeter and area.
This week the spelling list is compound words.
We continue to work on writing complete sentences with descriptive words and phrases.  Also the students are identifying nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and article adjectives in sentences.

The students are all reading excellent stories from their readers and are progressing on their reading levels.

The upcoming science units include plants and animals.  We will have caterpillars this spring to watch them turn into butterflies.

Social Studies
The students are discussing pioneers explorers, and historic people.

                                                          Carrie Keith
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