phenson Ms. Henson
Katy High School Katy Bengal Brigade & Cheerleader Director--Dance Teacher
Important Dates:
October 12---Last Day to Order Rocket Tickets
October 13---Progress Reports
October 13---Pep Rally
October 16---Drill Team Training Journals Due
October 18---Brigade to learn contest routine 2:00-6:00pm
October 23-27---RED RIBBON WEEK
October 26---Drill Team Training Journals Due
October 26---Brigade to learn contest routine 2:00-6:00pm
October 27---End of Second Six Weeks
October 30---Drill Team Training Journals Due

November 3---Homecoming '2000 Pep Rally
November 4---Homecoming '2000 Dance
November 6---Drill Team Training Journal Due
November 7---'01-02 Bengal Brigade Candidate and Parent
                Meeting at 7:00 in the West Campus Cafeteria
       (anyone with a desire to try out for Brigade
         must have a parent present at the meeting)
Novmeber 7---KBBC Booster Club Meeting 7:30 WC Cafeteria
November 9---Drill Team Training Performance TEST
November 10---Pep Rally
November 11---Bengal Brigade to host "Showtime              International Spotlight Contest"
Novemter 14---Bengal Brigade to perform at the ROCKETS-vs-Chicago Bulls Basketball Game
November 20-24---KISD Fall Break
November 28 & 29---Bengal Brigade Tryout Workshop
November 30---'2001-2002 Bengal Brigade Tryouts

Drill Team Training--- 25% Daily
                       25% Notebooks
                       50% Test

Bengal Brigade & Cheerleaders---
                       25% Merits
                       25% Demerits
                       25% Attitude
                       25% Ability
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