Patrick Henry High School Cindy Steelnack
School Supplies for AP Chemistry

*scientific calculator
*laboratory notebook or composition book

*Find unit notes and homework on my Moodle page. Click the link below. Check out the calendar for a schedule of class events for the week along with reminders about homework.

Welcome to AP Chemistry!

AP Chemistry is a rigorous laboratory-based course designed to develop students’ problem-solving skills. A combination of extensive labs, lecture, and practical assessments is utilized to develop these skills. Students will work both in groups and independently to solve problems.

This page contains several links, with many added throughout the year, to help you with the challenging course of study you have chosen. Please check it often.

My Moodle page is updated every Friday. Check the calendar for upcoming events. Also, a copy of the syllabus and chapter notes can be found there. Changes in daily schedule do occur, although I try to keep changes to a minimum. Check schedule for any changes.

The material is challenging. The pace is quick. You wouldn't be in this class if I didn't think you could handle the work. Have a great year!
Useful links
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