Horticulture Sciences
Patrick Henry High School Instructor/FFA Advisor
There are two courses offered for Horticultural Sciences, 2nd period is a semester course and 5th period is a year long course. Both courses will require a daily notebook and a writing utensil. Both will end up being about 50% classwork and 50% labwork. Class and lab work will be combined daily in semester course and be broken down by days in year long course. Welcome Horticulture Sciences - Prerequisite: None. Grade level 9-12 (suggested). Horticulture III is designed as a one-year, single-period, occupational preparation course offered to all grade levels. The horticulture program is designed to assist students in developing the necessary knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes for employment and advancement in areas such as floriculture, landscaping, greenhouse operation, and nursery plant production. Students receive instruction in using soil and other plant-growing media and identifying, propagating, and growing horticultural plants in the greenhouse and land laboratory. Instruction is provided in safety practices and leadership development. Horticulture Sciences Pacing Guide
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