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North Syracuse Early Education Program Phil, Kusum, Mary

This page is designed to help families and answer frequently asked questions about our room.

Again, welcome to room 110.  My name is Phil Cleary, I am your child's classroom teacher. I am primarily responsible for the overall planning and organization of our classroom.  If we haven't already met, I hope you will stop in.  Your participation is welcome.  Please visit anytime - no need to call ahead - just come on in!

As you can imagine the demands of a busy preschool classrooom make a team approach to learning absolutely necessary.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful team working for you and your child.  I am joined by Kusum Suri and Mary Venesky, two of our program's most experienced teaching assistants.  Kusum and Mary's knowledge of content and wonderful personalities make our room an exciting place to work and learn.

All children need individualized attention to maximize learning and personal growth.  At Main Street that's exactly what you get.  Depending on your child's needs and/or IEP you and your child will meet a large number of dedicated professionals:
Laurie Clinkingbeard - speech therapist
Mary Warren - occupational therapist
Denise Daniel - occupational therapist
Cindy Renk - physical therapist
Renee McCall - adaptive physical education teacher
Ann Ventura - school psychologist

Our day is designed to provide the right mix of fun and intensity with minimal transitions.  Our schedule is as follows:
Arrival- Children are received by teachers.
Centers- Time to play and spend time with friends
in  one of 7 areas of the room.  Opportunities to explore materials and learn via the Highschope curriculum.
Snack- Time ti enjoy a healthy snack while building language, motor, and social skills.
Motor Time- Active play on our playground, in the zoom room, at kid's corner, in physical education class.
Circle Time- Everyone gets together as a group to talk about our day, review the calendar, find out about the weather, or read a story.
Group Time- Small and large groups that encourage cooperation and learning.  Games, songs, fingerplays, or activities with speech or occupational therapists on Tuesday and Thursday.
Dismissal- Time to say so-long!

If you transport your child
The times before and after each session are filled with activity, please observe the the posted drop-off and pick-up times.  And, please remember to sign your child out each day.

If your child is transported by bus
Please send in your child's notebook so we can keep up home school communication.

For all families
Please send in any special supplies your child may need such as: diapers, pullups, or special snacks.  Most families place a complete change of clothing in their child's bag - just in case.

Label your child's belongings. Clothing, supplies, and toys are so expensive.  If it has a name on it we can help look for it if it's misplaced.

We are just a phone call away
Please feel free to call anytime.  The school phone number is 452-3021 we are always here between 8:00am and 3:30pm.  If your child is ill or will be otherwise absent please call our health office (24 hours a day) at 452-3023.
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