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Below, in the "Quia! activities" list and the "Useful links" list, you will find links to vocabulary activities that complement your textbook, Visión y voz.

Be sure to check both sections, for it is in the bottom section that you will find valuable activities made by your Spanish 111 classmates.

There are also lots of good practice activities for grammar available at the Visión y voz web site (the publisher's site). Follow the link then click on "Grammar Exercises" to go to the activity menu page.  To see what is covered in each activity, click on "table of contents."  There you can decide what you need to practice.

To go to the Visión y voz site, simply click on its link in the "Useful Links" list at the bottom of this page.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Lección Preliminar -- Vocabulario
Flash Cards, Matching, Concentration
Lección Preliminar -- Things in the Classroom
Lección Preliminar: Places in the University
Capítulo 1 -- Vocabulario
Flash Cards, Matching, Concentration
Capítulo 1 -- acciones
Capítulo 1 -- la personalidad
Jumbled Words
Capítulo 1 -- las carreras
Capítulo 2 -- Vocabulario
Flash Cards, Matching, Concentration
Capítulo 2 -- Vocabulario -- Descripciones
Matching & Concentration with words and descriptions in Spanish. I really recommend this!
Capítulo 2 -- Lugares
Capítulo 2 -- Los meses del año
Jumbled Words
Capítulo 2 -- Repaso de verbos (ir, tener, poder, querer)
Multiple Choice
Capítulo 3 -- Verb phrases
Jumbled Words (Verbs in context)
Capítulo 4 -- Which preposition?
Vocabulario -- Choose the preposition that goes with the verb
Capítulo 4 -- Para dar la hora
Time Expressions -- Flashcard/Matching/Concentration
Capítulo 5 -- Vocabulario -- Definiciones
Flashcards/Matching/Concentration -- I recommend this!!!
Capítulo 5 -- Vocabulario
Flashcards/Matching/Concentration -- English to Spanish
Useful links
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