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  Math and Reading
It's hard to believe that the end of the first quarter is fast approaching.  This is an update for all of my reading and math students.

This week (Oct. 23rd - 27th), blocks B & E will be having their end of quarter exam.  Block C will have this test on Monday (Oct. 3oth).  The test will cover all that we have been studying since the beginning of the school year:
         order of operations
         algebra lab gear recognition
         naming collections
         combining like terms

We will have a practice test before the actual test is given so that all students will know what to expect and what to study.  Also, those students who have not handed in all of their homework from the first quarter will need to see me to make this up.  If they are missing two or more homeworks or have failed or made D's on the last two quizes, they should plan on staying after school with me.  I am available after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays for extra help.

We will be moving on to the number line including positive and negative integers.  Additionally, each student has an individual folder to assist them in reviewing basic computational skills and other areas of need as identified in their IEP's.

Reading:  All of the students are making great progress with the Read Naturally program.  Each student is able to work at his or her own pace and I am amazed at their enthusiasm to "get to the next level".  Additionally, we have finished the Swiss Family Robinson story.  We are working on building vocabulary as well as our comprehension skills.  Both oral and silent reading are used to assist students in becoming more confident of their reading abilities.  Please encourage your son/daughter to keep reading their AR book (library book) at home as well as any other reading materials.  The more they read the better they'll get at it!
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