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Phrasal verbs can be considered an idiomatic characterisitic of the English language and by using them correctly you improve your language level.

Don't forget that the games I have prepared for you are to help you enjoy learning/memorizing/working with phrasal verbs... (If you need any help resort to the on-line dictionary -

So play them all, not only in class, but whenever you have the opportunity to surf the net.


A.  Do two exercises from "Phrasal verb quizzes" -

B.  Do two exercises from the page "Phrasal verbs through lexis" -

C.  If you enjoy competing with a colleague, play the "challengeboard" (3rd activity below)and learn some more phrasals.

D.  Further exercises:(other activities below)
1 -  read flashcards  (click on the games below)to   become  acquainted with the meaning of the phrasal verbs.
2  - play the different games.
3  - do the quiz just as you would do a formative test.

The more you play the quicker you´ll learn the Phrasal Verbs.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Phrasal verbs
fun exercises with phrasals
Phrasal verbs(1)
Formative test
Phrasal Verbs (meanings)
Phrasal verbs: put, make, get, turn,look.
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