phsamericanlit Mrs. Brooks
Pattonville High School American Lit instructor
Welcome to American Literature Class.  During this class you will study literature of American authors in a thematic format.

American Literature Overview

The focus of American Literature is, of course, the study of works written by American authors.  The literature reflects who we are from America’s early existence to the present.  Many of the ideas written about years ago have an element of universality which enables them to have meaning for all people at any time. You will also be studying several literary movements which represent life in America at the time the movement occurred, but they also appear in later works because they have influenced many modern writers and still hold relevance today.

You will study the literature thematically including the following units:
• Definition of an American • Reactions to war
• Potential for good and evil • Innocence and Experience
• Moral convictions • Celebration of love
• Alienation

Student Expectations are as follows:
• Bring your textbook to class each day unless otherwise notified. 
• Keep a well-organized notebook. Good notes are essential for studying purposes.  
• Literature on handouts will be collected at the end of the class period.  Your notes will be your only written record of those selections and their importance.
• Notebooks will be checked periodically and used for notebook quizzes. 

Grades are based on:
• Daily work, notebooks, quizzes, tests/projects and several essays. 
• Meaningful class discussions, participation in class activities and staying on task.

• Disrupting other students, excessive tardies or absences, and sleeping during class is detrimental to your grade and will not be tolerated.

Late Assignments
• Homework is due at the beginning of class; late work receives 0 points.
• If absent, check assignment notebook for your name, the assignment, and any handouts.
• You have one day for each day absent.
• Long range assignments and tests are due the day following the absence.
• Major assignments turned in one day late will receive 50% off, 0 points thereafter.

Late Homework Pass
• One pass issued per 6 weeks.
• Good for turning in a daily homework assignment one day late.
• Does not apply to tests, projects, quizzes, or essays.
• If unused, it may be redeemed for 10 extra credit points.

Be Responsible
• Additional copies of worksheets and handouts will be ten cents each.
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