phsbiology1 Mrs. Owens
Ponchatoula High Biology I instructor
Monday:  In class - Complete 8.2 study guide.  Make a
         diagram of a plant and animal cell using p. 205 as
         a guide.  Use landscape orientation, place the
         plant cell on the left side and the animal cell on
         the right.  Most organeles are common to both
         cells, therefore you can write the organelle name
         in the middle and draw a line to the same
         structure in both cells.  Color the picture and
         remember to place the heading in the upper left-
         hand corner.  Title the plant cell and the animal
         cell above each diagram. 

         Homework:  Finish plant/animal cell diagrams and
                    complete 8.2 study guide. 

Tuesday:  In class - Plant/animal cell lab.  Make up after
          school on Wednesday.
          Homework:  Study for test (Friday)

Wednesday:  In class:  Crossword puzzle Reveiw - complete
                for homework if you are out of class for
                the "Booze n cruize" assembly.
            Homework:  Complete crossword puzzle and study
                       for test(Friday).
Thurday:  In class- Reveiw for test.
          Homework - Study for test
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