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Brownsville Academy Highschool Brownsville Academy Phys. Ed.
Brownsville Academy Physical Education Student Project part 1 Instructor Karl Plummer E-mail KPLUMMER@NYCBOE.NET Part of any fitness plan is understanding your caloric needs in relation to your caloric intake, this project will aide you in understanding your caloric intake. Phase 1. Over the Christmas break you will record and track your meals for a three day period using the tracking sheet you received in class. If you have lost the sheet you may on three seperate sheets of paper record the following information for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks. 1.The food item and amount 2. The amount of protein in grams 3. The amount of fat in grams 4. The amount of carbohydrates in grams 5. The amount of calcium in milligrams. You can log onto any of the attached links to find the nutrient values of the foods you eat. BAKED PRODUCTS
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