physicsltr Mrs. Curie
Sierra Middle School Physics 2A Instructor
Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that our school year is nearly over.  I have so enjoyed teaching your child this year... what a terrific class this has been!

This letter concerns our Science Fair Day on May 31, also known as Sierra's Science Show Day.  This year we are trying something new in adition to our usual Science Fair projects. Each class will host a booth representing one of the basic science categories of study this year.  Our class will be featuring "A Wrinkle in Time -- The Sapce Time Continuum."  We will depict the dynamic behavior of black holes and gravitational waves.  The students have come up with so many good ideas that I wish we had time and money to act on all of them.  It would greatly help if you could assist your child in coming up with the following:

1.  Treats:  We need cupcakes, fudge pieces, brownies, or cookies of any kind.  We will offer these as rewards for those who participate in our Space Time Jeopardy game.

2.  Parent Helpers:  Come join the fun... and we'll put you to work as a reward.  It's third and fourth period, roughly 9:15 - 11:15. Come earlier and stay later if that's convenient since we can use the help for set-up and take-down.

3.  Craft Items:  Pieces of gold or silver ribbon, newspapers, coffee cans (empty, please), black paint, and poster board.

Thanks so much.  Call me if you have questions.  I'm excited; this will be a lot of fun and cap off a great year of working hard and learning so much about our universe.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Curie
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