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  The beast of the sea has come.
Pikachu's Vacation
Release Date in USA: November 15, 1999

Some day in the summertime, Ash, Misty, and Brock come to Pokémon Land.  They let out their Pokémon to go play.  Afetr a little while, Togepi starts to cry.  Pikachu makes a funny face with no success.  Squirtle also tries.  Bulbasaur sees an apple on a tree and cut it down with its Razor Leaf.  It drops right in front of Psyduck, who eats it.  Togepi is still crying.  It falls asleep because of its crying (thankfully).
Then a Raichu, Cubone, Marill, and Snubbull come out of nowhere, talking and making a lot of noise.  Squirtle asks them to quiet down, but the other group gets angry.  They are about to fight.
Togepi wakes up and once again, it goes to a side of a cliff, on to a log.  Pikachu pulls Togepi out of the way, then the log starts to move.  The log rolls down the cliff, and Pikachu falls into the river, Togepi happy (is it just me or is it trying to kill Pikachu???  Evil egg creatue.)Pikachu carries Togepi back, to find the two groups are still fighting. Marill and Squirtle agree to have a swimming match, and Marill wins.
Raichu tries to shock Togepi (good Raichu!) while Pikachu jumps in the way, getting shocked.
Pikachu and Raichu glare at each other, and they start to run all of a sudden, down the path.  They run into many Pokémon, as well as Ash's Charizard.  Charizard flies after them, but not knowing where it was going, crashed into a small pipe, its head stuck.
All the Pokémon (except the new group) put a rope on Charizard's legs and pull.  Pikachu asks them to help, and they all agree, except Cubone.
Cubone then pulls its hands on the rope and pulls. Eventually, Charizard gets out.
Pikachu runs back to Ash, along with the other Pokémon.  And that's the end of Pikachu's Vacation.

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