Pizitz Middle School Mr. Wade, Instructor of French and Computer

Monday-Thursday, May 9-12, 2005

1.  This week we learning about doing PRESENTATIONS WITH POWERPOINT.  We are working on a class presentation about what we have learned this semester.  We will begin on Thursday to create individual presentations about careers we are interested in.

2.  On Wednesday, the counselors will be in class to help us work on choosing some careers that may interest us. 

3.  I am issuing a CHALLENGE to all of you.  On the right side of the board you see the score I received on a keyboarding test at the beginning of the semester.  If any of you can beat my score this semester on the same test, I'll order you a pizza (a real one, not a lunchroom pizza) for lunch one day.  It's a high goal, but you can do it if you work hard!

4.  When you type in your other classes and at home, be sure that you use proper keyboarding technique.  Otherwise you will forget everything you have learned!


See information about our 6th Grade Computer Education program at the bottom of the page--"About Computer at Pizitz".

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