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Mayde Creek Elementary
Upon reflection, with all the years of experience that are between Mrs. Hoey and myself, there are two days that always seem to be the toughest of days for us of the entire year!  The day we say hello for the first time and the day that we say goodbye for the last time.  It seems like yesterday that your child (and you as parents) first encountered Pre-Kindergarten with anticipation, fear, and enthusiasm.  It was the first time that our children had to trust that someone else other than Mom or Dad, would care for them as much as Mom or Dad did.  All of them, each according to their own uniqueness, have been successful in the Pre-Kindergarten program.  Part of that success can only be attributed to the gracious support that you gave to the program throughout the year.  Mrs. Hoey and I would sincerely like to thank you for sharing your child with us. 
     This six weeks our friend in Pre-K will be covering the following themes:  Exploring Insects, Exploring Dinosaurs, Celebrating our Mothers, Exploring the Alphabet in Literature, Taking care of Ourselves, and Summer Fun and Safety.  The following skills will be covered this six weeks: letters Yy and Zz, identifying sets, and non-standard measuremenmt.
     Our field trip to the Oil Ranch was wonderful!  Thanks to all the parents who came and helped out.
     There will be notes sent out to let you know about Kindergarten registration at your home campus, Mother's Day Tea, and Summer Fun.
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