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  The beast of the sea has come.
Pokémon-The First Movie-Mewtwo Strikes Back
Date Opened In USA: November 15, 1999.

Mewtwo opened its eyes for the first time. It looked around and saw humans surrounding it. The Mewtwo asked who it was, what it was. The humans replied its name was Mewtwo and was a clone of Mew. It grew angry that it was not real-just a clone-and totally destroyed the lab, killing all the humans with it. Giovanni, the gym leader of Viridian City and leader of Team Rocket, saw what happened in a helicopter. He went down and talked Mewtwo in helping him out, to rule the world together. Mewtwo agreed. It then shows Mewtwo in armor, and beats a bunch of opponents Pokémon. As the scene darkens, its eyes glow blue.
Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Togepi was about to eat lunch, when a trainer came up and offered to battle. Ash agreed. The trainer used Donfan, Venomoth, Golem, and Pinsir, and Ash used Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu. The trainer lost big time and ran away. Ash returned to eat lunch.
From a cliff, Jesse, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket were watching them eat. Meowth complained tat he was starving as he watched Ash eat. Jesse told him that she can cook something, but Meowth disagreed and said last time she cooked, it whiped out 8 of his 9 lives, which he of course got hit with a frying pan. They were after Pikachu.....again.
All of a sudden, a large Dragonite swooped in on the group's lunch, carrying a tote bag. It handed Ash an object, which then opened up and revealed a hologram of a woman, who invited him to come and challenge the greatest Pokémon Master. Ash had to agree of course, and marked yes. The Dragonite then flew off.
The sea raged with a terrible storm which Ash and his friends had to cross in order to get to New Island, where he was to battle. They noticed that Nurse Joy of that Pokémon Cneter was missing. The trainers who want to battle use their Pokémon to cross, by flight and by swimming. They couldn't use their small Pokémon in this large storm. Ash doesn't know what to do, then a boat comes by with two sailors offering to get them across. Ash takes the offer.
With a Meowth at the head of the boat, the sailors set off. Suddenly, a large wave turns it over and Ash and his frined is spread out in the sea. Misty calls out her Starmie to save her, and holds on to it to swim to the surface. Brock doesn't have any water Pokémon, so Misty helps him with Starmie. Ash, who is near the bottom of the sea, swims up holding on to Squirtle. They swim to New Island, with Team Rocket right behind.
There were three trainers there, Sweet, Soroa, and Umio. The woman who was in the hologram appeared and told them to let all their Pokémon out. They call out all their Pokémon. Then the host arrives, which is Mewtwo! The trainers are raged to find out that there is no trainer here to battle. The woman suddenly falls to the ground, and Brock picks her up, to discover that she is Nurse Joy of the missing Nurse Joys.
The trainers, still angry at Mewtwo, call out their Pokémon to battle him. Mewtwo beat them all easily. Ash gets thrown back into the air, but something happens and he hits a soft pink bubble. He turns around to discover a playful Mew! Mewtwo remembers that Mew DNA was what made him, and tries to destroy Mew. They fire Psybeams at each other.
Mewtwo stops and sends out a special Pokéball (Master Ball?) and steals all the trainers' Pokémon. Ash returns his, but the strange Pokéballs suck up his Pokémon from inside. He tries to get them, but they are lost.
He then sees Pikachu trying to run away from the Pokéballs, and Ash tells it to use its electricty to vear them off. As Pikachu runs up a circulating ramp, it Thundershocks the balls over and over again. Ash starts running up the ramp. But then, Pikachu is caught.
Mewtwo enters the Pokémon's DNA into a computer, with Team Rocket in the room, and copies of the Pokémon come out, all with stripes.
The Pokémon battle their copies, only to be beat up. The battle and battle, and grow weaker and weaker. Pikachu with its copy beating it, sees that its copy is starting to cry. Pikachu hugs the copy Pikachu, which is exhausted from battle.
Mew and Mewtwo are still fighting. Ash looks around and sees all the Pokémon, tired and crying. As Mew and Mewtwo prepare to fire another Psybam at each other, Ash runs in betweem yelling to stop, only to be hit with the powerful force of the Psybeams.
As the smoke clears, Ash is laying on the ground, his body hard and not moving. Misty starts crying (hint). Pikachu goes up to Ash and tries waking him up with Thundershock, but it's no good. It starts crying for him, along with the other Pokémon. Somehow, all the tears go to his body and revives him! Ash, relieved to see Pikachu OK, hugs it.
Mewtwo realized Ash had sacrificed himself for the Pokémon, and flies off, along with the copies, to somewhere unknown, possibly the Unknown Dungeon.
Suddenly, Ash and his friends find themselves back at the Pokémon Center, the story still in their minds and their hearts.

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