plagiarism Mrs. Carroll
Northeastern High School Latin
Here is some information for students trying to understand and avoid plagiarism.  I picked a well-known, fairly local university's web page as an example of what's expected.  A search under "plagiarism" will provide copious more examples.  There's plenty of information out there for researchers who need to be honest and thorough about using and documenting their sources (that includes you!)

When I was in college, the rule of thumb was that we had to use footnotes at the end of every paragraph that paraphrased someone.  If three words or more were the same as the original document, we had to quote, note, and reference.  If we used another author’s “apt term,” we had to quote, note, and reference, even if the term was one word, at least for the first time we used the term in the paper.  I hope this helps.
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