Sample Plagiarism Workshop A Workshop for High School Writing Teachers
Welcome to a Plagiarism Workshop. Designed both for face-to-face and online participation, you will find everything you need here to gain awareness of the issue of plagiarism, including suggestions for tested strategies, but don't go looking for any pre-packaged programs today! What you will find here is lots of opportunities to develop your own.

Really, we should call this YOUR Plagiarism Workshop because we will be your 'guide on the side' from beginning to end as you create your own workshop, 'specially tailored to reflect your own core beliefs and your own school's specific needs. We will provide all the materials and the framework, but today you will be making all the decisions - what we do, how we will proceed, everything. In fact, TODAY YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT... 

No matter how you choose to proceed, you will come away from this workshop with an armload of real-life, interactive activities that you can use immediately in the classroom or tailor to suit your own particular needs - a world of possibilities that you create for yourselves. So...please remember that while your participation in any IEP workshop is always voluntary, if you do choose to join us there will be no just sitting around - you will have to get up and get involved! 

Since we will be adapting the jigsaw approach (as seen in Sergiovanni and Starratt's text, Supervision: A Redefinition (p. 77)to real world problem-solving, the whole group will get started together in the Teacher's Lounge, where we will have coffee and conversation about the issues, and you will choose your primary focus assignments for the day. Then we will break up into our work situations and get busy navigating through the Steps. Don't worry - the IED people will be moving from station to station all day, providing all the direction and assistance you might need or want! At the end of the day we will all get back together to sum up and share what we have accomplished (or not - if you don't want to...)
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