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I. Earth
A. Location and Size
  1. Location
   a. Inner/terrestrial planet
   b. Third planet from the sun
   c. 93 million miles(150 million km) from the sun
   d. AU - 1 astronomical unit from the sun
  2. Size
   a. Radius - 3,963.5 miles
   b. Diameter - 7,927 miles
   c. Circumference - 42,835,698.665 miles
B. Compostion, planet color, and surface features
  1. Compostion
   a. Atmosphere - Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, Other trace gases
   b. Earth - Basaltic, granite, and altered rocks
   c. 4 Layers - crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
  2. Planet color
   a. Blue, green, and white
  3. Surface features
   a. Water - 70% of the surface
   b. Land - 30% of the surface
   c. Land and water rest on tectonic plates
   d. Highest point - Mount Everest
C. Satellites
  1. Moon - Earth's only natural satellite
   a. 27.3 days away from Earth
D. Gravitional field
  1. 1x Earth's gravity
E. Rotation and Revolution
  1. 24 hours = 1 rotation
  2. 365 1/4 days = 1 revolution
F. Discovered
  1. When
   a. sixteenth century
  2. Who discovered
   a. Copernicus
  3. How
   a. Copernicus made the heliocentric view, therefore earth must be just another planet.
  4. Derivation of the planet's name
   a. Derived form old english and germanic
G. Peculiar information
  1. Only planet known to sustain life
  2. All humans live here
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