planets Ms Grant
Arbroath Academy Biology teacher
Your task for the next few lessons is to do a project about Earth and Space.

You can work alone, in pairs or in groups of 3 or 4. If you are working in groups everyone must have a job to do.

First you need to find out the following things:

1) What is a planet?

2) What is a satellite?

3) What is gravity?

4)What keeps planets in orbit around the sun (why don't  they break free?)

5) What is space?

Some of these questions are quite difficult.

Where can you find out the information?
Some useful places to look are:
The Encyclopedia of Science
Your classroom textbooks
The Library
The internet (some useful links are given at the end of this page)

When you have found the answers
You can make a presentation on one of the following:

Our solar system
One planet that interests you.
Satellites of our solar system
Satellites of any planet that interests you
Life in our solar system (What must a planet provide for life to exist and does any planet other that Earth have the right conditions?)

What your presentation should look like
This is really up to you.  You could make a poster, make models, write a web page, write a magazine article.
Useful links
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