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Plant Web Quest

Have you ever planted a seed or plant in a garden?  Did you know you will be able to plant your bean plants in the Slaughter school garden?  Your task is to read about various stages of plant growth.  When we need to plant them and when we will be able to "chow down" on the finished product.

Plants are fun to grow.  With your buddy, research the following questions and complete the following products.

1. What happens to the seeding when it starts to grow?
Read and then write the definition of germinates and draw a picture to illustrate.

2. When a plant has grown to maturity, what does it make for you to eat?
Play the plant part game and then name at least 8 plant parts that you have eaten.

3. What do you need to consider when you plant your lima plant in the school garden?
Using Inspiration brainstorm at least five things you will need to plant your plant in the school garden.  Present to the class.

You did a great job!  Now you can go out and plant your own plant!
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