Plato Academy 4th - 5th
Plato Academy Middle School Latin Teacher
June 7, 2005

Dear Plato Middle School Families:

Well, we have finally reached the end of the year.  The students are completing their final assessments this week, and I am preparing to leave Plato and begin work at Northwestern University.  I would like to thank all of you, parents, students, and everyone at Plato who helped me this year and made me feel welcome.  It was a long and difficult year, but definitely not a year without its rewards.  My life is richer for having known all of you, and my experiences this year have led me to my path in life, a gift of immeasurable value.

Next year I plan to attend graduate school in the field of School Psychology, and I hope to complete my Ed.S. degree in the spring of 2009.  The experience I have gained teaching middle school students in an exceptional school like Plato has motivated me to continue to pursue my own education, and I am excited to begin school again myself.  I have begun taking classes at night while teaching here, and I will continue to do so while working at Northwestern’s School of Engineering.

Learning is a lifelong process, and this idea is one that suffuses the atmosphere at Plato with energy and enthusiasm.  We as educators and parents learn from the kids, and we learn from Plato itself.  I hope that all of you continue to broaden your own experiences, and I hope that Plato continues to be the rich and adaptive environment it has been while I was here.

Thank you again, and good luck in all of your endeavors!

Best regards,

Allison Strick
Latin Teacher
Plato Middle School

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