Science Grade 7
Random Lake Middle School Grade 7 Teacher
We are currently studying reproduction and heredity.

We will focus on life science this year in quarters 1 & 4. You will also be using a new book series this year that you are able to write in and keep. Use the first link under "Useful Links" section on this page to get to your online science book. Then follow the directions below to log in.

Your user name is your entire first name and first initial of your last name + 2022 with no spaces and all lower case. Your password is: RL2016 - this is case sensitive.

Use the activities and "Useful Links" section to review vocabulary and concepts you have not yet mastered.

Super Science password is: rlms541

My Quia activities and quizzes
Genetic Terms
Chapter on Genetics Quiz
Genetic Vocabulary
Cell Divisioin Battleship
DNA - What is it and How does it Work?
DNA: Genes and Chromosomes - (copy)
Intro to DNA Molecules
Heredity Vocabulary Game - (copy)
Mendel's Laws of Heredity - (copy)
The Microscope
(Science) Have you learned to use the microscope correctly?
The Scientific Method
Can you list the steps in order?
Scientific Method
Fusion- Unit 1-Lesson 1
Nervous System Review
6 Kingdoms
Ribbon of Life
Food Webs and Food Chains
Scientific Method
Food Webs and Food Chains
Niche to Ecosystem
Scientific Method Quiz
6 Life Characteristics
Useful links
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