plumb Ms. Plumb
Glasgow Middle School Language Arts/Social Studies
All students in Ms.Plumb's Language Arts classes will have two Book Talks due in the third quarter.  The first one will be due on January 20th.  The third quarter Book Talks will be exactly like the second quarter Book Talks, students should have handouts explaining the requirements.  This is labeled "Book Talk Project."  No late Book Talks will be accepted! Each student is required to read four accelerated reader books again in the third quarter in order to pass reading. Students are expected to read and take quizzes on their accelerated reader books during their TA classes, after school, or in class trips to the library.
  We will be having a Read-a-thon on January 20th!  Parents, relatives and friends will be encouraged to donate a pledge to students for reading.  These pledges will be used for field trips to the Natinal Gallery of Art and the Pamplin Institute.  
  We will also be doing a unit on mysteries.  Students will write and enact a mystery and ask their classmates to solve it.  Students will also write personal narratives, as well as a persuasive paper and speech.
  All students in Ms. Plumb's Social Studies classes will do a project on a famous historical figure with a written report and a poster.  Projects will be presented orally in class on February 16th.  No late projects will be accepted.  Just like in the second quarter, students will have homework almost everyday, and should bring their homework to class for credit.  Students need to come prepared to class with pencil, paper, textbook, and a self chosen book to read.
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