pmclennan Ms. McLennan or Ms. Mac
Katy High School
Hello!  This is the beginning of my Web Page.
Here is some general information concerning Algebra II PreAP.
Conference period: 2nd (9:40-10:30)
Tutorials:  mornings-7:00am   afternoons-2:40
           every day except for scheduled faculty meetings
Syllabus available to students every six weeks so that they know what we are doing in advance.
Grading procedure:  Tests/projects-70%
                   Quizzes/graded assignments-20%
                   Homework/daily grades-10%
There are 4-5 tests and 4-5quizzes each six weeks with one quiz dropped at the end.
Students are required to have a graphing calculator, scientific calculator,andsupplies from the supply list.
You may cal me at 281-396-6700 or e-mail me at
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