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Welcome to the McRoberts Elementary School 5th grade internet site!  This site will be updated every two weeks, as it coincides with the Enterlink.

Language Arts

The e language arts students are reading the novel, The House of Dies Drear.  They are working on word meaning and context clues, in preparation for the TAAS. 

The academic classes are focusing on the reading skill, sequencing events in a novel.  The students are working with different novels to practice with this skill. 

Comprehension is heavily emphasized in reading. Students are to be reading for at least 80 minutes every single week.  Students keep track of minutes and record them on their reading record.  Reading records are signed on Tuesday night. In writing, the students are working with figurative language.  They are also working on taking their own writing through the writing process.  McRoberts Vocabulary Cards are due on Fridays. The words for the next two weeks are identical, surplus, launch, and glance.  Unit 23-24 should be studied in spelling.


The students are learning more about weather.  Have your child watch the weather portion of the news so they can get background knowledge for the principles they will be learning. 


Math students are working very hard on customary and metric units of measurement. 

Social Studies

The e social studies classes are researching aspects of the civil war in preparation for completion of a research paper.  The research paper will be due on February 9, 2000.  The regular social studies classes are learning about the American Revolution and the results of the Revolution. 

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

The DARE officer has met with all fifth grade students.  He will be meeting with the students for a 45 minute lesson on Wednesdays or Thursdays for the next 17 weeks.  In order to graduate, students will be required to complete all DARE homework. They will also be writing a DARE essay in language arts classes.  Grades will be taken in social studies and language arts.

Upcoming Events

March 9 - 2nd Practice TAAS test - Math
March 13 - 2nd Practice TAAS test - Reading
March 14 - 5th Grade Field Trip to the Health Museum
March 16 - Spring Party (replaces Valentine's Party)
March 17 - School is out for Spring Break

More to come!!!

Signing off.
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