Grade 6 - 1
Milford Middle School Computers 6
My Space Terms

Tips for Internet Safety


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Word Search grade sheet

Word Search sample
My Quia activities and quizzes
The Invention of Masking Tape
The Popcorn Prince
The Good Word: A Few Important E-Mail Rules to Follow
Simon the Pizza Freak
First Day Student Survey
Adina’s Deck The Exclusive Club Solving Cyber Bullying Mysteries
Adina’s Deck The Case of the Online Crush
Adina’s Deck The Case of the Plagiarized Paper - Grade 6
Short Circuit Movie Quiz
Me, Read the Newspaper?
Exercise is Cool - Scavenger Hunt
Who is Jack Roosevelt Robinson?
Fact Monster Hunt #4 - Scavenger Hunt
April Showers Bring May Flowers - Scavenger Hunt
Daylight Savings Time
Halloween: A Haunted History
Leaves Change Colors
Secrets of the Presidents
A Visit to Ireland
Have A Heart!
Happy Birthday, Abe!
Snow Dogs - Movie Quiz
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