East Newton High School Political Science 1st Hour
You will teach others about "Jury Reforms!"

Juries in the United States changed dramatically through the twentieth century. For example, minorities and women were not allowed to serve on juries a hundred years ago; today juries must include these groups in order to reflect a cross-section of the community.

There have been continuing calls for reform of juries over the last two decades. For example, there have been calls to allow jurors to take notes in the courtroom; it has been suggested that jurors should be able to ask questions of witnesses; and there have been calls for simplification of jury instructions (a judge’s instructions to a jury on the law.) These reforms have been the subject of some controversy.

1st Hour Research Issues:

1. Juror Note-taking
2. Juror Questioning of Witnesses
3. Jury Instructions

Use the links below to help you research.

Use GOOGLE to search -- use "----" for searching for phrases and words together.
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