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Coastline Community College Political Science 100-American Government-Local Government
Welcome to the Week 5 of Political Science 100 - American Government!  This course is team taught with Professor Peter Snetsinger whose emphasis is in federal government.

You have entered the web site for local government - municipalities, special districts, school districts, county and state governments.  All sub units of government from the national/federal level to the local level.

Lecture for Week 5:
Click on "Favorite (Useful) Links" to access the lecture text on Municipal Government, Special Districts and School Districts.

A quiz is posted to reinforce key points from the lecture and reading on local government "State and Local Gvoernment" by James Q. Wilson.  Worth 25 points

Click on "Favorite (Useful)Links" to access Article #2.  This will be a shared response discussion with course members on the article "Bowling Alone Phenomenon by Robert Putnam that  appeared in the "Journal of Democracy" January 1995. 
Dr. Putnam just released a book on the reoccurring topic of American civic responsibility.  Post your responses under
Conference 21

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