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Hastings High School - Mathematics Department Algebra II Instructor and Coach
Hello students,

This is Coach Poole's Algebra II webpage. Hopefully, you will find this page of assistance to you during the school year, and an effective way to integrate technology into our curriculum.

Monday B-dAy Feb 18 - WE discussed assignments 45-46 and then discussed factoring part 2&3 and assigned assignments 48&49 for Friday.

Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday are TAAS TESTING DAYS

Friday Feb 22- WE will discuss assignments 48&49 and then discuss the Discriminant and how to use it to predict the number of x-intercepts(roots) We will assign assignment 50 for tuesday.

Monday Feb 25 - A-day - WE will discuss assignments 48,49,50. We will grade two of these for two daily grades. We will discuss new groups and test and six weeks grades. WE will then assign more out of assignment 50 for wednesday.

Every Thursday morning, I will be opening up the computer lab in 203 and thus you will need to find me there.

TESTS - 50%
LABS - 30%


Create a vertical motion problem with initial velocity and initial height and then draw a sketch of your problem. You will then need to find how long it takes your object to hit the ground, how long it takes to reach maximum height, and what is this height. Solve it correctly and make it creative and neat. Due on the day of your vertical motion test. Worth up to 10 bears.

I have other jobs that can be done to earn bears. Please come see me in the mornings.

We need Tissue. 4 bears per box.!!!!!!!!!!

Do a colorful poster about the Quadratic Formula and make it readable. Have example of how to plug in a, b and c. worth up to 10 bears.
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