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Commonly asked questions:

Q. Why does Mr. Pope have a website? We see him three times a week already.

A. To increase communication with students, combine science and technology and offer students other learning tools   not available in the classroom.

Q. What useful things for students are on this site?

A. There are cool quizes and games available to help you review and there are links to other nifty sites. And,you can print off missed class notes!

Q. This site sucks...do we have to visit it?

A. Of course not.

Q. If I hate science and want to send hate mail to this   site or Mr. Pope, how is that possible?

A. HATE SCIENCE ?? .....ca..n't....comp...ute..

Q. How do I best use this site?

A. You can use this memo board to view the current topic for your class, homework assignments, dates of upcoming tests/quizes etc.

  You can check out games, and quizes Mr. Pope has created specifically for your class by linking to sites under Quia! Activities , located at the bottom of this green memo board.

  You can play other games to help you review that Mr. Pope has found by linking to site under Useful Links .

  If your really keen, you can check out other cool sites, approved by Mr. Pope, related to science by linking to the site under Useful Links at the bottom of this page.

  (Absent one day? Have no clue what we did and your friends don't take notes? Get your missed class notes for specific days and classes.

Applicable game/activites on this site:

Game: 40 common elements:

Game: Ionic compound review

Applicable games/activites on this site:
My Quia activities and quizzes
Common Element Matching Game!
Match 40 common elements!
Chemistry Jeopardy
Chemical Bonding and General Chemistry
Useful links
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