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Connecting ideas of the past week (March 26 to March 30):
We have read chapters 1,2, and 3 of the novel, Of Mice and Men.  We checked to see if the predictions we made based upon the historical background information and the outside texts we read were correct.  We worked in the computer lab Thursday and Friday researching "terms of the 1930's" to learn more about the time period in which the novel takes place,and also to work on research that will be used to create web pages after spring break. 

Class Agenda and assignments for the week of April 2 to April 6: 

Monday April 2:  We will review chapter 3 by discussing the study guide and completing a characterization activity.  We will discuss the issue of power in the novel.  There will be a quiz over chapters 1,2,and 3 on Tuesday, April 3. 

Homework:  QUIZ over chapters 1-3

Tuesday April 3:  We will take a quiz over the first three chapters of the novel.  We will begin to listen to chapter 4 in class.

Homework:  Finish chapter 4 and read chapter 5

Wednesday April 4:  We will discuss chapters 4 and 5 paying attention to the symbols and themes of the novel.  We will try to finish the novel in class and discuss information about the in-class essay on Thursday.

Homework:  Make sure that you have read the book!

Thursday April 5:  We will be writing an in-class essay that will help prepare you for state testing and will focus on analysis of the novel. 

Homework:  Study guides due tomorrow, April 6

Friday April 6:  We will be discussing the poem, "Of Mice and Men."  And completing a "dream chart" in class that will help organize you for the web page project. 

Homework:  Have a GREAT SPRING BREAK!

Connecting ideas of the past week (March 21 to March 23):  After learning about the westward migration, the migrant workers, and the hobos of the 1930's we gained information about the historical framework of the novel,"Of Mice and Men." We further explored these issues in the short story, "On the Road," by Langston Hughes where we discussed issues of discrimination and personal struggles during the depression.  We related the poems, "Latin Women Pray" and "Napa, California" to these issues as well.  All of this study has prepared us for reading the novel, "Of Mice and Men," which we are beginning this week.

Class Agenda and Homework Assignments for the week of March 26 to March 30

Monday, March 26: We will finish the short story, "On the Road," and discuss the poems, "Latin Women Pray" and "Napa, California."  We will begin the novel, "Of Mice and Men."
Study guides for the novel handed out
Homework: None

Tuesday, March 27: We will finish chapter one of "Of Mice and Men."  We will discuss this chapter and watch part of the film, "Of Mice and Men."
Homework:  Study guide for chapter one

Wednesday, March 28:  We will begin chapter two of "Of Mice and Men."  We will have a shortened class period of twenty minutes due to Play Previews.Directions for the technology project will be handed out in class. 
Homework:  Finish reading chapter 2 and complete the study guide for chapter two.

Thursday, March 29:  We will begin the first half of the technology project for this unit.  We will be in the computer lab researching terms and people from the 1930's.
Homework: Read chapter 3 and complete study guide by Monday, April 2.

Friday, March 30: We will be in the computer lab working on the technology project. 
Homework:  Read chapter 3 and complete study guide by Monday, April 2. 

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