We started this assignment in class.....

This assignment asks you to focus on your life as a literate person--- one who reads and writes.  Talk with your parents to find out about the "baby steps" you took toward your literacy.  When did you start to talk?  first words?   scribbling?   What books did you enjoy as a baby?  Who read to you?  Did you attend pre-school?  Story hours at the library?  Bible School?  Who were the teachers who inspired you in elementary school?  What were the projects you enjoyed?  What were the awards you won?  Spelling?  reading? story writing?  What about 6th grade?  What have been the highlights of this year in your goal of becoming a literate person?

Talk with your friends about their memories.  Perhaps this will help you remember your own literate moments!

Start with NOTES.  Let's begin with Pre-writing!

Organize your notes in the following fashion:  

Paragraph 1 -  Introduction

Paragraph 2 -  My life before K

Paragraph 3 -  My life K-5

Paragraph 4 - My life in 6th grade

Paragraph 5 - Conclusion
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