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5. Possessive pronouns

(What's mine is mine, what's yours is yours.)

The Possessive (From posidêre, to own.) Pronoun replaces a noun and tells who possesses
the referent.

Whose shoes, Mister? Mine.

Mine replaces shoes, and explains who owns the shoes.

In Latin, we follow the usual rules to determine the correct function and the gender and number of the pronoun is the same as the antecedent noun.

meus, -a,- um; mine
tuus,-a,um; yours

noster, -tra,-trum; ours
vester, -tra, -trum; yours [your all's]

For the third person, eôrum, eârum, eôrum, non reflexive genitive plural of is, ea, id is mentioned in Using Latin, [Horn, et al.,1961]

Nota Bene, I am not at all clear on the use of the reflexive suus, -a, -um; reflexive.
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