Wicomico High School  
¡Es la hora de estudiar!

El examen es mañana o viernes.

Jot down this address... (http://www.quia.com/pages/powelmid2.html) so you can study more tonight if you want.  Also, if the back button doesn't do it for you, you may want to BOOKMARK (favorites) this page for easy return when you want to start a new activity or just close out the activity when done.

The first set of activities were created by me so nothing new will appear.  I have included, however, other teachers' activities below which may help though have some words that we never have used....

Jot down for me the activities that you do and indicate how it helped you so I can give you participation points.

¡Qué se diviertan!  (Have fun!)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Los colores
A simple review of colors
El presente de progresivo
For those of you still having trouble with present progressive
Los verbos de zapato
Want to review those VERBOS DE ZAPATO?
Los verbos que son unos problemas.
How 'bout a review of irregulars in present tense?
Las maneras de decir "is"
Get that much needed review of SER VS. ESTAR VS. TENER VS. HACER VS. HAY
Spelling changes in preterite.... So far.
Do you remember those pesky spelling changes in preterite?
Question word hangman
Question Word Jeopardy
Useful links
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