You must sketch out your topic and 15 slides on the back of this paper to turn in


You must sketch out your topic and 10 slides on the back of this paper to turn in.  This sketch is worth 25 points and you will use it to design your presentation.  An example sketch is shown below along with some possible topic choices.  Your sketch does not have to have actual drawings or text, it should just show what you plan to talk about on each slide.  Your presentation may turn out somewhat different than your sketch and that is okay.  You may choose a topic not listed here, but I must approve it.  You may bring books, magazines or any items that will help you develop your presentation.  Make sure you have the necessary items in class EVERYDAY that you need to do your work.

Possible Topic Choices

  1. All About Animals (or a particular animal)
  2. All About Germany (Or any country)
  3. All About Whales
  4. How to Scuba Dive
  5. How to speak another language.
  6. A topic from something you've learned in one of your classes like Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, or Unified Arts
  7. Examples: Cells, Weight & Balance, Civilizations, How to Make a Mask

  8. How to play an instrument
  9. All About Baseball
  10. The History of Dance
  11. The History of Computers
  12. How to Design a Web Page
  13. History of the Internet
  14. Uses of the Internet
  15. All About Computers
  16. Different Uses of Computers
  17. How to Train for a Marathon
  18. All About Databases
  19. Computer Careers
  20. Different Types of Dance
  21. Olympic Facts and Figures
  22. Guinness Book of Records Info.
  23. All About Soccer
  24. The Presidents Past and Present
  25. Famous Inventors
  26. All About Karate
  27. How to Skateboard
  28. How to Build a House
  29. All About my trip to __________
  30. All About _______ (a famous person)
  31. All About _____ (a book)






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