pozwords Mr. Posner
Seneca Junior High School English 8R & English 8H
Week of November 27—December 1

Time to tackle your tangled sentences. This week we're working on usage problems. I chose three major ones that crop up all the time.

TUESDAY--we work on fragments and run-ons. Your essays have lots of those.

WEDNESDAY--we work on agreement (pronoun/antecedent and subject/verb)

THURSDAY--we deal with choppy sentences, wordy sentences, and stringy sentences

For each lesson, I'll go over the problems and solutions, the class will do some exercises and then you'll do some writing practice. You'll look for these problems in your Hercules paper, and correct them. Then you'll do some new writing and make sure these problems are NOT there.

If you pay attention and stick with it, you may cure these ills in future papers and raise your writing grades by 5 points or more.

Reading Circle rewrites due by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, at the BEGINNING of class.

Hercules essay rewrites are due by MONDAY, DECEMBER 4th, at the BEGINNINGof class.

There will be a VOCABULARY TEST on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st. For English 8R,it's on Unit 6, and for English 8H it's on Unit 5. Study the words!!

Watch this page for exciting LINKS, IDEAS, ACTIVITIES, and most importantly, remember:

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