1. Make an object move across and off the slide:
  2. Would you like to have an object (example a train) run from the right side to the left, right off the slide? To make something disappear like that, you place the image to the right of the slide workspace to begin with, then in custom animation, have it go from left to right. Since the image wasn't placed on the slide to begin with, it will end up off the slide as if it disappeared.

  3. Change the color of a clip art object to match your presentation:
  4. If you want to quickly change the colors in a clip art object, so that the colors in your image coordinate with the color scheme of your presentation,you can use PowerPoint's Recolor feature. To quickly access this feature, right-click on your clip art image and select Format Object from the resulting shortcut menu. Next, select the Picture Tab and click the Recolor button.  Now you can easily adjust the colors of your clip art image using the Recolor Picture dialog box. To preview your  changes, click the Preview button.

  5. Make your slide come in as a puzzle coming together:

For a cool visual effect, you can make a slide gradually reveal itself, puzzle piece by puzzle piece. To do this, start by inserting a picture or logo onto a PowerPoint slide. Next, insert the Jigsaw clipart image, located in the Shapes category, onto your slide. Then, select the puzzle object, choose Draw | Ungroup, select each individual puzzle piece, andchange the fill color of each to black.  At this point, select all the black puzzle pieces and choose Draw | Group.  Then , press [Ctrl]G to display PowerPoint's guides that split the slide into four equal quadrants. Drag the puzzle image into the upper-left section of the slide and use the selection handles to resize it so that it fills one quadrant. With these pieces in position, copy the puzzle object and fill the remaining quadrants with the puzzle pieces until the slide is completely black. From this point forward, follow these steps to create a total of 20 slides.  Press [Ctrl]A to select all the objects on the slide. Press [Ctrl]C to copy the objects to the Clipboard. Add a new, blank slide. Press [Ctrl]V to paste the objects onto the new slide. Choose Edit | Select All and press [Ctrl]C to make a copy of all the objects on the slide. Insert a new slide and paste these objects onto the new slide by pressing [Ctrl]V ([Cmd]V on the Mac). Then, click outside the slide to deselect the objects on your slide. Finally, select one of the black puzzle pieces at random and delete it. To animate these slides, apply the slide ransition effect Dissolve to the slide show so that each puzzle piece disappears after a few seconds, revealing your image.

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