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Central High School MOID classes

We wish Happy Birthday to James Thigpen. We had a chili cook-off to celebrate. Both classes loving prepared a pot of chili while James escorted the faculty to the tasting and voting location. Patrick's pot came out the winner.

Georgia National Fair Day is Thursday, October 12th. We recommend $7.00 if you student wishes to purchase lunch at the fair. If not, students will eat the sack lunch from the school lunchroom.

We have had several meetings this week from Vocational Rehab to Senior Meetings. It pays to think ahead and plan early for you child's future.

This is the last week of work in the current site. October 16th will start new assignments with new uniform requirements. Please comply with the business preferences. If in doubt, khaki pants nad a plain, collared knit shirt are usually acceptable. Students learn that attitude is the most important quality that an employer looks for because skills are easier to pick up. Jobs become routine after ahile, but there is always something to be learned. We will have successful days and difficult days depending on the job expectation for the day. We learn to follow the rules and do what the boss says with a good attitude.

Olympics offers your child a chance for social and recreational opportuinties. We all like to be part of a team. We all like to feel we are valuable. If your student is not participating, talk to any of us.

This is our first attempt at the web page. We welcome comments or ideas. Students with signed internet releases may soon play a part.

Parent Conference Day is October 16th. See you then. Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Pickett.
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