practicar Senorita Copoulos
Susquehannock High School Spanish 1 & 2 teacher
Miercoles, May 24th 2000

Queridos estudiantes,

Buenos dias!  Sean buenos, estudiantes!  Saquen la tarea y lean las dirreciones aqui.

Make sure you turn in the homework worksheet from last night - on tu negative commands- to Mr. Rynearson!

Sign-in, so we know who is present and pick up the 3 worksheets.

The vocabulary sheets entiltled "en el supermercado" need to be completely defined.  Use "GAME #1" to obtain the "list of terms" and write the definitions on your list. 

Then use the list to complete the hangman, matching, word search and concentration games. 

On the back to of the vocab sheet is an activity called "Que es?" which asks you to put the words into categories.  Use the flashcard activity under "GAME #1" to get the defintions of words you are not sure of.

The paper with food pictures is just a supplement for your reference. File it away, study it tonight.

Finally, "pertenece" means "belongs".  The 3rd (front and back) worksheet asks you to choose which food does not belong. "GAME #2" may help you complete these papers.  If you do not finish this sheet in class, complete them at home for tarea.  

Estudien las definiciones!  Tenemos un examencito manana en el vocabulario del supermercado.  These activities are available to practice more this evening at your home if you have internet access... so copy down the address and practiquen mas!

Hasta jueves,

PS- Game 1 and 2 are at the very bottom of the list of web activities.  Other activities are old, but i'm leaving them up so that you can prepare for the final-- hint,hint =)
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