St. Mel Elementary School Technology
Keyboarding skills are important.

We introduce proper keyboarding position and the home keys as early as kindergarten. We use programs such as Type to Learn, Jr., Type to Learn 3, and Mavis Beacon Typing in the computer lab to give our students an enjoyable way to practice their skills.

In 4th and 5th grade we use the Herzog keyboarding system along with the keyboarding programs I've just mentioned. With the Herzog system, the students learn how to touch type the entire keyboard, and they learn key placement alphabetically. It's important that these skills be practiced at home.

I've included several links to online typing programs that you might find helpful. They offer typing speed tests, along with keyboard lessons, typing drills, and keyboarding games. Though the sites are free, there IS ad content on the pages so please make sure to provide proper adult supervision - ALWAYS essential when young children are on the internet.

Don't let your child become stressed by concentrating on speed or words/per/minute. Speed develops over time. Accuracy and proper technique should be encouraged.

Our goal is that our students become so comfortable and efficient at the keyboard that they don't even think about their typing. We want their minds to be free to concentrate on what they're trying to say!

Useful links
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