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Bebidas-español I (extra vocabulario)
Español I extra-vocabulario EL TIEMPO
esp. I la familia (extra vocab)
verbs: ser, tener, ir, ar verbs, and er verbs
verb test
Spanish I Chap. 8 misc.
Spanish I, Chap. 8 to talk about houses/apartments
Spanish I, Chap. 8, household chores
Spanish I, Chap. 8, household items
Spanish I, Chap. 8, to describe household items
chapter 9 body parts
chapter 9 feelings
Chap. 10 places
Chap. 10 misc.
Chap. 11 T.V. and movies
Span. I Chap. 12
Span. I chap. 12
chap. 12 Preterite tense verbs
Chap. 14 vocab.
Chap. 13 vocab.
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