prealga Mr. Moore
Brady Middle School Pre-Algebra "A" Teacher
To Parents:  Pre-Algebra "A" is the first course in a two-year pre-algebra sequence.  (Pre-Algebra "B" is the "next" course, offered to 8th graders.) The course is intended for 7th graders who would benefit from mathematics instruction at a slower pace in a classroom environment that has a low student to teacher ratio.  The course features instruction of essential arithmetic, pre-algebra, and pre-geometry concepts with an emphasis on Ohio's 9th grade mathematics proficiency outcomes.  Students successfully completing Pre-Algebra "A" and "B" will be recommended for a two-year algebra sequence (Algebra Lab "A" and Algebra Lab "B" at the 9th and 10th grades) followed by a course entitled Geometry Topics in the 11th grade and College Prep Geometry in 12th grade.  For complete descriptions of course offerings, please refer to the Brady Middle School or Orange High School Curriculum Guides.  These are availbale from the guidance offices at both schools.
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