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Welcome to Mrs. Traxler's PreAlgebra site.

We have started Chapter 2 - Investigations in Algebra. 
During the week of September 20th we have used algebra tiles to explore algebraic expressions and the distributive property.  We have also simplified expressions by adding like terms. Starting Monday, September 27th we will use algebra tiles to model and solve addition equations.

Agenda Outline for September 27 - October 2

Monday, Sept. 27  Solving Addition Equations with algebra tiles

Tuesday, Sept. 28 Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations

Wednesday, Sept. 29  Solving Multiplication Equations with algebra tiles

Thursday, Sept. 30  Solving Multiplication and Division Equations

Friday, Oct. 1  Quiz on Solving Equations

I have listed some web sites that would be interesting to explore.  They are math sites that have information, games and questions of the week.  There are also games of the terms from Chapter 2.  Hope you enjoy this site.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Ch. 2 Investigations in Algebra Terms
The Distributive Property
Useful links
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