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Try these great elections sites!

Election Search 2000
Customized search tool that allows you to search for candidates’ sites as well as enter keywords to find out where the candidates stand on issues. Sponsored by the Washington Post.

Federal Election Commission
Examine the candidates’ financial information.

Freedom Channel
Check this site for video on demand and biographies of the candidates. Features online videos of various political advertisements.

On Politics
Try this Washington Post site to examine the issues, look at the polls, read about advertisements, or find pictures or political cartoons.

PBS Democracy Project
Features a link to check the record of the Presidential candidates and candidates for the House and Senate in all states. Also features “Reading Between the Lines” – a link that helps students analyze political advertisements.

Politics Watch 2000
This site focuses in on the educational issues related to this election. Other issues are highlighted as well.

Participate in an online survey on various issues. View the latest results after you have participated in the survey.
Take an online quiz to see how your views line up with the candidates’ views. Use the Presidential Election Comparer to compare views on various issues.

Whitehouse 2000
This site is sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.  Features election FAQ, profiles of the candidates, political cartoons, and a voter quiz.
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