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AHS Government,Civics, and American Studies  
This activity is designed to acquaint you with the major presidential candidates in this year's election.

The objectives for this activity are:
1) To effectively use the internet to research presidential candidates
2) To discover a presidential candidate's position on the following issues: education, health care, social security, taxes, poverty, gun laws, environment, race relations, foreign policy, campaign finance reform, and other issues
3) To develop and create a graphic organizer describing  5 issues that a presidential candiate plans to address if elected.
4) To write an essay explaining why you would/wouldn't vote for a presidential canidate
5) To research and create a graphic using a spreadsheet program like Appleworks that demonstrates the importance of money or describes sources of campaign funds for your candidate

After completing first two activities, work on objectives 2, 3, and 4 (above).  Search the web, helpful sites are listed below.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Presidential Match: session election issues
Go to and complete the section titled "Presidential Match". Then, go to and complete the student assignment there. Then do quia quiz.
Candidates and Party
Complete the pop up activity. This makes sure that you know which of candidates are republicans or democrats.
Concentration game to improve knowledge of President candidates.
Political Ideology: session political ideology 2000
Read and study chapter 5, pages 120-127. Take the quiz over these pages
The Great Presidential Jeopardy Game
Useful links
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